Watches, smartphone-apps and headphones

So – we’ve talked about smartwatches, smartphones and various wireless headphones: it’s time to combine them to unlock level awesome training!

I am always on the lookout for good apps to inspire me to work out and make the exercising more fun. All my gadgets certainly help, I can’t imagine going for a run without any technology whatsoever. The exception would be if I was in a beautiful hillside with a sunrise and birds tweeting so loud I could hear it over my heavy breathing. Considering this is not how most of my exercise-scenarios are, I take technology over noisy cars and asphalt running.

I’ve tested this one new app for a week now and yesterday I combined it with my Apple watch and my Apollo 7 wireless headphones. Result: yeah baby!

Introducing: Aaptiv.

Aaptiv is a audio-only personal trainer, by that I mean that there’s no videos on your phone’s screen in which you look at the trainer performing what you are to copy. That’s distracting, I find. Why would I want to run while looking at another person run? I don’t.

Aaptiv has tailored audio-workouts for various equipment that you will find in gyms, hotel gyms or maybe even at your home. Myself, I own a treadmill, stationary bike and an elliptical machine. The usage of these varies greatly and I’ve felt bad that I haven’t used them for a while. This week, I’ve used both the elliptical and the treadmill – as well as an outdoor run. It’s all thanks to Skyfit, my watch and my earbuds!

The great thing about the app is that they have great trainers, various difficulties and licenced music. Every other gym app I’ve come across, even from big names such as, use music not by originals but instead have music “originally performed by”. Sure, tribute bands can be great, but most often, sound nothing like the original. There’s power in having a song exactly like when you sing along in your car. Not to mention, they’ve chosen songs with a tempo that fits the intensity level of the current workout exercise.

The trainer is telling me when to increase the resistance, when I can finally take it down a notch again and how good I am. Thanks, coach! I’m doing my best.

When running outdoors, the trainer told me to make sure I keep my running even during the sprints and not to overdo it so that I can’t keep on for the full X amount of minutes she wants me to run. (And what do you think I did? Nevermind!) She also gave me plenty of motivational boosts, some that were in fact new to me and made me think. It was very inspirational.

Inspirational or not, I kept looking down on my watch to see how long Runkeeper told me I had run and how many beats per minute my heart was doing. The Apollo 7 earpods were brilliant as I had no wires to worry about or slapping against my body at every jump. Wireless headphones was such a good investment!

Aaptiv costs $10 USD a month for unlimited use. They have a 7 days free try-out period, so exercise to your heart’s content and decide if you want to stick to it, before purchasing.

Aaptiv covers:

  1. Treadmill
  2. Outdoor running
  3. Elliptical
  4. Indoor cycling
  5. Yoga
  6. Strength training
  7. In addition to: Curator playlists, Challenge program, 5k 10k half-marathon and full marathon training programs.

See some of my screenshots from the app, below:

img_6945 img_6946 img_6947  img_6948

(Click on the image for a larger version.)

My 3 gadgets combined certainly makes my exercise more fun! Got to go now, I’m brushing dust of my treadmill with a run with Aaptiv, Apollo 7 headphones and my Apple watch!

Btw, I have not been paid or been given anything for this review, I just like the app!