Running with a smart watch

All kinds of sport is more fun with technology – at least if you are a geek, like me. The ability for feedback on pace, calorie expenditure, heart beat per minute and active vs calories I would have spent anyway – all of this is Golden for inspiring better results next time.

Personally I own an Apple watch, in addition to Polar fitness watches. Though, Polar has been shelved for all activities except for watersports (as Apple watch is not waterproof). When I first got the Apple watch I compared the data with the Polar data, using both watches and the Polar wearlink belt during a couple of workouts. I found the results were so simliar that I could ditch the uncomfortable pulse belt and only use my everyday Apple watch. Genious!

Runkeeper is one of the most used apps for fitness, not just running but many others. The newest functionality from their app is that you can now start your run with the Watch app – without bringing your phone. Considering that the watch also can store a small amount of music or podcasts, then you’re good to go without a phone. Pocket Yoga, Gymaholic, 7 minute workout and Wahoo RunFit also works well with the watch according to

Runner’s world did a great review of the Apple Watch a while back, here’s the video so you can see their Pros and Cons at that time – in 2015. Trust me, not much has happened in regards to activity or measurements from the watch since then – except you now don’t need to bring your iphone when running. Here’s the video:


If you’re considering a new sports gadget, I really recommend a smart watch. Do some more research though – they are expensive so be sure that you get the one that suits your needs the best. For example, keep in mind that the Apple watch doesn’t work well with watersports – not being waterproof and all. Update: The newest iWatch – ooops I mean Apple Watch – is supposedly waterproof! If you read Norwegian, have a look at this review:


Image source:  Fancycrave1, Pixabay, CC public domain licence. I’ve bought the photographer a cup of coffee (a latte in fact, according to Google’s price estimates!) through Paypal, like Pixabay encourages. 🙂