Headphones when running about

Music or podcasts are popular distractions or motivators for people when exercising – whether to forget that you’re doing so or to get you the extra mile with a powersong. You pick!

In any case, when moving about like you inevitably do when working out, the headset needs to stay on. This has led most users to use earbuds. Most of these have little “wings” to make sure they stay put when moving, though personally I have never gotten the wings to be comfortable. Others wrap around the whole of your ear.

Earbuds with "wings". Image source: CC licence from Flickr user "Intel Free Press"
Earbuds with “wings”. Image source: CC licence from Flickr user “Intel Free Press”

Bluetooth technology is coming far too – on Kickstarter, the Apollo 7 earbuds fared well – and I was one of the backers. I now have a beautiful set of small earbuds which work really well transmitting my bluetooth music from my phone. A video review by mashable.com:

These are so great, I can’t stop talking about them.

Update: These are available for purchase now! Head over to Amazon, although on Erato’s website you will fint plenty of other retailers.



Image source of earbuds: CC generic licence from Flickr user “Intel Free Press”, https://pixabay.com/en/smart-watch-apple-technology-style-821567/

YouTube-video by Mashable.com: “Erato Apollo 7: Crisp, Light and Water Resistant Wireless Earbuds | Plugged In”, https://youtu.be/kmPoVK_x1n8

Erato Apollo 7 website (after Kickstarter has closed, this is where to get them): https://eratolife.com/apollo-7