About this blog


About me: I’m someone, interested in some things, writing about those things. Things technical for the most part. You are welcome to read, and if you want, add a comment. Completely optional, that last part.

About the name: I am very passionate and enthusiastic about things that I love. For example when it comes to sharing my love for technology with other people. I jump up and down and smile a lot. I get to people because I passionately believe in what I’m saying! And people like that 🙂

Sources: Many of my sources are available from scholarly libraries, I apologise if you really wanted to read the report/journal/article and couldn’t get to it. However, very many can be found on Google Scholar so please do copy the title of my cited reference and see if you can look it up: https://scholar.google.com/

Contact: You might find this blog on Twitter or LinkedIn, but you might not find my profiles through my blog. Why? To keep a little mystery for Google and other bits of the web. If you want to get in touch with me though, feel free to do so by e-mailing me at whatever you want in front of @enthusiasmsuitsyou.com.